Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What Do You Eat For A Feel Good Effect?

What do you do when you are tense? What is it that you run to do, if you feel down or get disappointed? We all have something that we rely on to get an immediate feel good effect.  Some people smoke, some watch tv, while some others get drunk!

American Style Cream and Onion Lays

In such offbeat times, where i have no control on the situation whatsoever, there is one thing that i religiously rely on! Eating Lays!! They say no one can eat just one! That’s right! Really no one can eat just one of the lays wafers. The simply irresistible taste of Lays takes over all the anxiety in my mind and offers me a altogether new way of looking at things. I have had this mindset since a while now, and this habit has taken its roots since my childhood days. Just out of curiosity, i had once asked one of  my friends about why he turns to alcohol as a support in a depressing situation. His answer, though hilarious actually made sense. Alcohol after consumed weakens the connection between nerves giving an alcoholic’s mind, a much needed soothing effect. This short term detachment from the senses acts as a sweet euphoria making the alcoholic feel relaxed! Potato wafers give me the same effect :D

Glad to have an alternative for staying teetotal for life! The mouth watering Cream and Onioflavourpack is one of  the things that i live on this planet for! :D The Tomato flavour and thClassic Salted falvors also favour the taste buds, but the American Style Cream and Onion one always stands out as a Deal Maker, my favourite! It activates the adventure enzymes in my brain and rejuvenates me in the down times.
FritoLay is an Awesome Brand! would love to know about what you eat to get over stressful times!