Sunday, February 22, 2015

3 Online Habits of The Most Creative People

The world of Internet is very seductive. Surfing is one of the most alluring activities that people engage themselves in, on a daily basis. While Surfing the web at home and at workplace has become the need of the day, a person's online behavior can provide an insight of his future. Below are the three online habits of creative people. If you have all of them, you are on the right path, and are using the web as a catalyst in your personal / professional growth:

1. They spend not more than a few minutes on Social Networking websites daily:


While social networking has become an important daily task to stay connected to the world, the excess of it could mean sheer wastage of productive time. If your work requires networking with people and communicating with them on a daily basis, social networking sites are the best resources on the web. However, if you always fell in the intelligently designed user interface traps of social networking websites, you tend to lose out on a lot of creative juices in your brain that are waiting to work for you.

2. They follow and devour content from blogs/websites relating to their passion:


The best thing in the 21st century world is amount of knowledge available on blogs and forums.
If you are passionate about programming and follow the niche blogs and forums based on programming, you are on the right path of staying updated with regards to this professional interest. This holds true for any discipline that you are passionate about. The Internet has opened up like never before and it has now become very easy for the experts / authorities in any fields to post their views and opinions in front of the world. Today, the Websites like Youtube and Wikipedia are gold mines of useful information, and can be effectively used for training oneself, to an extent  that no other premium resource is required.

3. They make optimum use of online tools and resources:


In order to accomplish any task at hand, one needs to be equipped with the technical know how about a variety of tools and softwares. An ability to use them can be leveraged by taking time to learn from the web. A person who has a technical know-how and proven ability of using the tools and resources, unknown to most others, is a great asset to any organization. The most productive and creative people always have a practical ability to harness the tools and resources in order to finish the task at hand, within optimum time.

Most creative people in the world are those that work on the knowledge that they have to build something that is helpful for other people to serve their purpose.
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