Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3 Smart Steps to Select Your Blogging Niche

Niche is a very important thing for any blogger. You cannot go about blogging on every subject there is, on earth. Your blog has to be focused and targeted to a particular niche audience. This is the only way to be able to reach out to people and help them in their problems while creating a unique identity for your blog in the Blogosphere.

Selecting a niche can get very complex at times, mostly because bloggers tend to over analyze resulting into delays and dropouts at this instance. I found the following strategy useful in terms of selecting a niche:

1. Choose a topic you think most about in your daily life.


This could be anything! I always think about finding ways to a more independent, adventurous and rich lifestyle. Hence, i have chosen these things as my niche for blogging. People are devouring content like anything these days. All you need is a very specific set of things you can passionately write about, on a daily basis!

2. Chose a niche that people will emulate you for.


It takes a lot of hard and smart work to become an authority on any specific subject. However, once you become a respected voice in your field of interest, people will follow everything you do. You shouldn't underestimate the amount of efforts and interest in becoming an expert though. You will need to work day in and day out to become an expert or an efficient practitioner in your field of interest.

3. Chose a topic that you can blend different ideas and interests to generate posts on.


If you have fitness as a niche, there may be times when you fall short of ideas to write posts on fitness as a core topic. The best thing about blogging is that it does not have any hard imposed rules. You are always free to mix up ideas and related stuff life adventure and little bit of travel into it to give it a touch of uniqueness and peculiarity.

Making your blog stand out by is actually a difficult process. However, it is achievable and completely doable if you are very passionate about your niche, and blog nicely on a consistent basis. All the Best! Feel free to comment any queries! Thanks :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

3 Tips To Effectively Increase Reading Speed!

While many new ways of acquiring knowledge have came up in recent times, reading still remains the best way to stay updated.

Below are the 3 tips to become a voracious reader:

1. Rapid Devouring:


It is all about the concepts. Everything works around ideas. Once you get an understanding of ideas, the implementation gets very easy. Devouring text content can be done at a very fast speed. You need not read every word slowly and wait for yourself trying to mug up. Instead, you can implement rapid reading (like Swami Vivekananda did), in order to get the gist of the matter written in the text.

2. Effective Visualization:


Imagination rules the world. Our brain is truly limitless in its potentials. Simply believing you can read faster will help you master the art. Reading becomes more effective if you can actually visualize matter at the pace at which you are going through pages. This also helps improve creative powers of brain to an amazing extent.

3. Big Target:


If you place a small comic book in front of yourself and give yourself a day to read, you will never improve your reading speed. Our brain loves challenges. In order to force it to adapt reading at a faster pace, you need to place giant books in front of  yourself, and giving yourself relatively shorter time to finish off.

The more books you read, the more you evolve! Whatever you go through in your day to day life is stored in your brain. The wonderful thing is, you can access it anytime you need this knowledge for application!
Let me know your views! Thanks!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

3 Online Habits of The Most Creative People

The world of Internet is very seductive. Surfing is one of the most alluring activities that people engage themselves in, on a daily basis. While Surfing the web at home and at workplace has become the need of the day, a person's online behavior can provide an insight of his future. Below are the three online habits of creative people. If you have all of them, you are on the right path, and are using the web as a catalyst in your personal / professional growth:

1. They spend not more than a few minutes on Social Networking websites daily:


While social networking has become an important daily task to stay connected to the world, the excess of it could mean sheer wastage of productive time. If your work requires networking with people and communicating with them on a daily basis, social networking sites are the best resources on the web. However, if you always fell in the intelligently designed user interface traps of social networking websites, you tend to lose out on a lot of creative juices in your brain that are waiting to work for you.

2. They follow and devour content from blogs/websites relating to their passion:


The best thing in the 21st century world is amount of knowledge available on blogs and forums.
If you are passionate about programming and follow the niche blogs and forums based on programming, you are on the right path of staying updated with regards to this professional interest. This holds true for any discipline that you are passionate about. The Internet has opened up like never before and it has now become very easy for the experts / authorities in any fields to post their views and opinions in front of the world. Today, the Websites like Youtube and Wikipedia are gold mines of useful information, and can be effectively used for training oneself, to an extent  that no other premium resource is required.

3. They make optimum use of online tools and resources:


In order to accomplish any task at hand, one needs to be equipped with the technical know how about a variety of tools and softwares. An ability to use them can be leveraged by taking time to learn from the web. A person who has a technical know-how and proven ability of using the tools and resources, unknown to most others, is a great asset to any organization. The most productive and creative people always have a practical ability to harness the tools and resources in order to finish the task at hand, within optimum time.

Most creative people in the world are those that work on the knowledge that they have to build something that is helpful for other people to serve their purpose.
Please feel free to share your views on this topic! Thanks!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What Do You Eat For A Feel Good Effect?

What do you do when you are tense? What is it that you run to do, if you feel down or get disappointed? We all have something that we rely on to get an immediate feel good effect.  Some people smoke, some watch tv, while some others get drunk!

American Style Cream and Onion Lays

In such offbeat times, where i have no control on the situation whatsoever, there is one thing that i religiously rely on! Eating Lays!! They say no one can eat just one! That’s right! Really no one can eat just one of the lays wafers. The simply irresistible taste of Lays takes over all the anxiety in my mind and offers me a altogether new way of looking at things. I have had this mindset since a while now, and this habit has taken its roots since my childhood days. Just out of curiosity, i had once asked one of  my friends about why he turns to alcohol as a support in a depressing situation. His answer, though hilarious actually made sense. Alcohol after consumed weakens the connection between nerves giving an alcoholic’s mind, a much needed soothing effect. This short term detachment from the senses acts as a sweet euphoria making the alcoholic feel relaxed! Potato wafers give me the same effect :D

Glad to have an alternative for staying teetotal for life! The mouth watering Cream and Onioflavourpack is one of  the things that i live on this planet for! :D The Tomato flavour and thClassic Salted falvors also favour the taste buds, but the American Style Cream and Onion one always stands out as a Deal Maker, my favourite! It activates the adventure enzymes in my brain and rejuvenates me in the down times.
FritoLay is an Awesome Brand! would love to know about what you eat to get over stressful times! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Apparel that inspires Adventure!

Hey Guys! Hope you are doing fine! Just went on a small shopping spree for myself and bought some
really cool, awesome looking outfits! The best thing about this purchase was that its the largest
purchase i made since last year! What a rocking way to welcome New Year 2015?!  Sure, the
decision was motivated to give 2015 a head start!! The huge shopping fest and wonderful collection
by RIG (Pantaloons) was the prime temptation that made me go big on this purchase!!

RIG Casual Wear

I experienced remarkably positive vibes after i bought the apparel line for me :) One's confidence and his way to interact with other people often depends on his dressing style and comfort level he feels with it. The cool and brilliantly designed clothing by RIG brought a Big smile on my face!

The best thing about the Utility clothing line by RIG is that it is especially designed for the outdoor and casual lifestyle! If you love freedom and cannot live without travel and adventure, RIG is the Best Brand you can go for! It is dynamic and outrageous in look, and amazingly vibrant in its style.

I highly recommend this brand to the adventurously inclined within you! Please find more details on:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Most Energetic Way to Start a New Day!


Hey Guys! Ever thought what could be the most energetic way to start a day?

Right after one opens the eyes, his mind is in a state of emptiness and void.... totally silent
and unperturbed. This is the time when one should be very vigilant to his thinking pattern. And,
must let only positive communication to begin within oneself!

I gave some thought to this question, and came up with an idea that most of you would
probably burst in laughter hearing...  :D , yes, its lil crazyyyy! ;) would suggest people try this at their own risk!

Its Kick up Jump!!!!
Extremely enthusiastic and full of zest!!


Pre requisite: One must know how to do it, and must have been able to do it quite recently;
                        and, a period of about 180 seconds rolling the body to mentally prepare, and get some                                     pace and momentum for the jump!

I think its most Awesome way to start a day with! If you do not know how to do it,
there is an Awesome Tutorial by FightTIPS on Youtube... (video below). Its really inspiring!!
If you wish to learn, do refer it! I am planning to make one tutorial myself soon, with special attention to the pre jump warm-up required for the stunt. Stay Tuned :)

Please share your views, and if you think there could be any other joyful way to kick start the day! :)
(Note: only people who have mastered the art of kick ups before may try this exercise in the morning...acrobatic skills required! Moreover, body muscles, especially after sleep are not strong enough to stretch in force, and land perfectly, which is where the real challenge is! )

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Solitude for Intellect

There is a sequence in 2012 (the movie), where the young philosopher meets Buddha. Buddha talks with the Philosopher about his ideas.He tries to show the Philosopher truth, and get him to think from a different perspective, but the philosopher refuses to do so. He only sees things in his own way. So, Buddha offers Philosopher, a cup of tea. Buddha fills the cup and keeps pouring, the tea until it spills out over the table. Philosopher says, "Wait! The cup is full! It cannot hold any more!" Buddha says "This cup is like your mind. It is full of your own opinions and prejudices. There is no space for anything else. You will never learn to have other perspectives until you empty the cup first."
                    We have our own ideas and prejudices about life. Many of them are misconceptions. Whatever we see around us, whatever we hear, makes an impact on our minds. These very things  that get imbibed in our mind, make our mindset and attitude. Isn't there a lot of chaos around us? I would say 'noise' rather. Noise, the unwanted electromagnetic or electrical energy that degrades the quality of signals and data.' The noise around us, and within us, makes our life complicated. Indecisiveness, poor thinking patterns, inability to achieve goals, are all, the after effects of the noise within us. The question that arises next is: "Can we have a mechanism that can clear the noise and improve the quality of signals that our brain functions upon? Are there ways to deal with things effectively to eradicate the most basic causes of day to day failures? In order to make life more fulfilling, happy, successful, and worthwhile, is there something that we can really rely upon?


                    Well, i think we can rely on one thing for sure.Its our own thinking. We can rely on our very own thoughts, and ideas! However, in this rapidly changing world, does one get a chance to take a deep dive in the well of his mind to fetch a bucket of wisdom from inside? If we even become 1% wise than we were yesterday, we can see our life changing very fast. To experience this, however, we need to think in 'solitude'. The best things in life, the best ideas come to mind, when we are away from the noise, the chaos of the world. What makes us grow? Physical, mental and spiritual exercise; right? In order to have what we want to have, we must first 'be' what we should 'be'. We need peace. For, it is the solution to all the problems in life. Peace is so powerful; a step taken at peaceful times is 100 times more yielding than the one taken in hurry and with a confused mind. If we do this, if we can find some time to be alone, away from world's problems, away from all the chaos and delusions, we could lead ourselves and get what we want out of life. In urban cities, and in our busy lives, we don't generally get an opportunity to go to a nice, quiet, beautiful place and sit for a while to vacate our mind from useless stuff.We have got so busy being busy, that we have forgotten to breathe! It is an involuntary process, isn't it?! If we need peace, we need solitude. Away from the buildings, traffic, and misconceptions of life,
                    Lets get real! lets do what we truly want to, lets be what we truly dream to be!! :)
If you agree, please share your thoughts!