Friday, November 14, 2014

Their Happiness is Contagious! :)

Recently I had an Opportunity to be with some Unconditionally Happy Beings!
All kids! below 10!!
Each of them has unique qualities! Someone is good at studies, someone in crafts, someone in painting and dance.. However, all of them share a unique trait........! They are all "Happy"! Full of Optimism and enthusiasm! Their happiness is Contagious!

They are not so fortunate in terms of materialistic things. For most of them, Life is really hard. Much more than we can imagine. Yet, you would hardly see them frowning for anything. They accept challenges offered by life, and move on.

Just being with these kids and understanding each one of them made my month. I was surprised to see that a small gift to each of them would give them sooooooo much of happiness!!!!! Pencil, Notebook, Erasers, Rulers, they were so happy to have these things and start using them! :)

Don't you think that there is a Big difference between the attitude of these poor kids and the more privileged ones (the ones who get all their luxury wishes fulfilled by their parents?).

I wanted to make these kids happy, but actually, they gifted me happiness! Their happiness is indeed Contagious!!