Saturday, September 13, 2014

Filter your thoughts!

According to a research in psychology, 60,000 thoughts come to a person's mind every day. Out of these, 95% are same as the previous day. Isn't it regressive to think same thoughts every single day? 'We travel several miles every day to find ourselves in the same place'. Just like iron gets rusted, our mind gets too. We, human beings, unlike other animals have an ability to choose good thoughts to think and program our minds to work in a new way. We can re program our minds everyday, to make our lives better. Improvisation and growth are signs of life.


Introspection of our day to day thoughts can play a very important role. We can just monitor the thoughts that come into our minds, and act on amending them. We can re direct our thoughts in a positive direction to steer our boats towards productive goals. Its all about mental programming! When useless thoughts come into our minds, we can just run anti virus(run a stream of positive thoughts) and 'refresh' our systems to work properly. One who can control his mind can control everything around him. The person able to re program his/her mind can never be victim of poor thinking patterns.The highly effective people around us are the ones who have the ability to filter and grasp positive things out of every situation, and discard the negative ones. One must be careful on letting different thoughts to enter his mind. If one wishes to excel in his life, he needs to be a keen observer to the thoughts that enter his mind. Everything depends on thoughts!There should be a very powerful filtering system in our minds that helps us identify thoughts and provide us an insight of consequences leading them. We can always be happy, active and focused.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Apple's Cupertino Campus filmed!

Massive excitement aroused when a Video portraying Apple's new Campus was uploaded on Youtube earlier today. Highly advanced DJI Phantom 2 with a Black Edition GoPro Hero 3+ was used to film the Massive Technology Centre.

"Apple Campus 2 rendering" by Apple, Inc. - Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

The highly talked about Campus 2 of Apple, being built in Cupertino, California is said to have a secret way for the VIPs to commute within the premises. Earthquakes wouldn't be able to destroy the Campus and the key buildings within the Campus are said to have been built with a special architectural built, so as to minimize the loss from an Earthquake. Campus would be self sufficient in terms of Food, is what some sources claim. Olive, Cherry, Apricot and Apple Trees would be planted all over the premises. New Engineering and Architectural Marvel is about to rise!