Thursday, April 24, 2014


Imagine a life with perfect intuition.No matter what situation you come across, you have that ability to make the right choice.You can either mess up with everything, or go by the perfect set of actions to make your way to the desired output. We have always had the unseizable right to think our own thoughts, right? Isn't it that we have always been accountable to our own thoughts, words and actions? If you could go back in the past and rectify your own words, and actions, if not thoughts, how many such incidents would you like to amend? The idea that we are responsible for our own thoughts is the base of some great ideologies.One of Napolean Hill's classics 'Think and grow rich' encapsulates this very idea.A man who outsources his thinking can never do anything worthwhile in his life. 99% of all the people think in ways that are detrimental to their own interests. To live a happy, successful, life based upon moral values of course, we must first develop the knack of thinking it right. If i have to use a word or a phrase that correctly puts this point across, i would use 'perfect'. Though we can never be perfect, and perfection is like a state of vacuum, something that doesn't exist; this word is real close to what can be described for accurate thinking.

If we give a serious thought to why we haven't been able to accomplish meaningful and desired goals in our lives, we would come across the following reasons:

1. Low Aim, lack of ambitions

2. Lack of self belief,

3. Lack of persistence

4. Monotony

We, as human beings inherit the most precious of all the traits in the world. It is the ability to think wisely. It is an ability to dream consciously. While dealing with each and every situation, we often tend to deal with it weakly, with no impact. What we need is power! Amazing, mind blowing power, that makes our way, out of the dark woods. We can find a way for sure. A way, out of those wired, messed up monotonous times. For this, however, we must believe that the way exists, in the first place. Then, we can use that untapped human potential to deal with things, people, situations. We can train our mind to follow our inner voice. This is it.. all that we need, all that we have been waiting to know!

Let me know your thoughts!