Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stop It If You Can!!!

How to deal with talkative people?! :P
we come across many different types of people each day. Some are happy, some are sad, some are highly energetic while some others are gloomy.The most difficult people to deal with are the highly talkative ones. They can keep you stuck at your seat for minutes and can keep you there all day long if you let them. Their monologue starts from one silly thing and jumps to several other topics around the globe. All the useless things better not spoken about splash through their mouth continuously. You wonder how much energy they have and whether the reservoirs of stupid things in their brains ever get depleted. You can hear the stuff in the beginning for a few minutes until it gets worse and your ears just cant tolerate anymore. A few minutes down the line, you start repenting your very existence over there and hate circumstances that took you there :). Things get even worse when you just don't have any idea how to somehow direct the discussion towards much coveted end.You don't have any other alternative than to agree to what they say or just pretend to do so. Of course you know what they are speaking and it does not matter to you whatsoever, but the very link is like a high speed internet connection, unstoppable and unfaltering. There is no term called buffering. Streaming is real time and you just don't get any room in between their sentences(even words!) that you could avail of to stop the discussion. You know that interrupting and directly saying that you have some place to reach on time.. or, some important work to do.. might hurt them. So, your mind starts thinking other valid reasons to find a way out of the situation. you feel pitiful about your inability to say 'no' directly, and wonder how strong you have become, to be able to hear boring, monotonous stuff for such a long period of time.


                    Last week, i accidentally(right word indeed!) came across one of my friends in front of a snacks' center adjoining MIT College. I finished my snacks within 10 minutes or so, and paid for it. A known voice fell across my ears. I turned back to see who she was and was happy to talk to her after two months.(The last time i talked to her was on phone, when my battery died while doing so). Without even asking me(much) how i was and what i am currently doing, she started to tell about her exams, papers, college, routine, subjects, friends, her aim in life, a heated conversation between one of her friends and her husband, .... to almost everything in the universe that had nothing to do with me howsoever! I tried and tried hard to tolerate and even felt good to talk to her for a few minutes until i literally started wondering what i really was doing over there.Almost 2 hours of worthless one sided conversation, and i had gone through one of the richest experiences life had to offer me. The experience that would make my next blog post!(positive side of the coin). She ordered snacks for herself and kept eating stuff for about an hour! I observed many people come there, have snacks and leave, but she showed no signs of stopping the conversation. The shopkeeper wondered how much she talks, how less she listens and he surely must have appreciated my tolerance :P . I was pretty confident at the beginning that i would somehow be successful at stopping her speak and leave for my friend's home, but after a while, i realized the vanity. All my attempts to stop her monologue were futile! When i had no clue what to do, and escape from there somehow, it started raining! I thanked God to have listened to my wishes and i now had a valid excuse to escape from that seemingly endless conversation! :P :)