Sunday, March 23, 2014

"Count Your Blessings!"

    Just came across a quote over the internet that said, "Count Your Blessings". We often come across such quotes while reading. However, reading quotes and understanding them are two different things altogether.We are living in the twenty first century world. In this era of golden opportunities, we shouldn't be whining about useless things. "Man's reach cannot exceed his faith." If we believe we can move a mountain, we can. We should believe in ourselves and our ability to do be unstoppable. Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged says, "Do Not Lose Your Knowledge That Man's Proper Estate Is An Upright Posture, An Intransigent Mind, And A Step That Travels Unlimited Roads." Every cell in our body is active and full of vibrant energy. Every decision that we make, should be a consequence of thoughtful observation. We need to understand the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Isn't it foolish to focus all our mental energies and stress our brain to think about things that are of no use to us at all. Even 1 percent improvisation in the way we think and act can bring about remarkable changes in our lives. Imagine what can happen if we start thinking positively and start taking good decisions on a daily basis!