Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Audacity is willingness to take bold risks. How often do we take risks in life? How often do we try new things out, in an attempt to go out and do things in the way we never have? If we wish to reach to a point where we never have reached, we ought to attempt things we never earlier have.The ability to try new things is actually what differs us from others around us.Why not try at least 1 new thing everyday? Why not explore new paths instead of traveling the same old path. Mind when forced to work under new conditions, in new environment develops faster than the one which doesn't. Change is the law of life. And in order to be equipped to face tough situations, in these turbulent times of deep social, political and economic changes, one needs to be reckless in his attitude. You see, our schooling system has developed only bookworms, nothing else. If you go through the rags to riches stories of the self made billionaires, you will find one bold quality within them all- the quality of being bold!

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You will not know what you are capable of, until you do not try! The most enthusiastic people around us are the ones who are audacious and adventurous. Their reckless attitude defines them. They are known for their daring and they stand out of crowd on the virtue of this quality. Fear and courage cannot both coexist.Courage comes at the cost of giving up fear.To survive and make progress in this world, one needs to be fearless! As only the strongest in the world can survive; according to Darwin's theory, chicken littles have miserable lives.
"Aaj kucch toofani karte hain..!"