Monday, January 27, 2014

The Enemy Within Us

There is an enemy within each one of us. The internal saboteur who stops us from going ahead each time we try to walk that extra mile. The negative version of our own personality holds us back from being what we really want to be. There is a fierce battle between our will, and the negative thoughts inflicted by the internal saboteur. Success is not about doing better that your competetion. Its actually about suppressing the regressive thought patterns and building blocks to eventually defeat the defeatist attitude that is holding us back. If one truly desires to surpass one's own limitations, his first step should be thinking what is holding him back. Instead of playing that stupid worthless blame game, one should hold oneself responsible for his act actions and resulting consequences.If we think deep, real deep, we find that the only person stopping us is ourselves. We ourselves aren't clear about what we want to achieve, and we point fingers towards others. Holding any events, or other people responsible for our failure is a prelude to more lethal failures in near future. In order to fight the enemy within us, we should build a powerful mechanism first.
    This particular blog post is inspired by the mind blowing song: 12 Stones- Enemy.