Thursday, January 9, 2014

Self Help

Is inspiration a necessity of life? Why do we search for motivational books? Most self help books only encapsulate the dogma of hardwork and its effects. We all know that to get up early is a good practice. To laugh more is a key to good health, and to read more is a way to get wise! So, if we already know what we actually need in our life, what other things do these books preach us? These books teach us something that we already know, but, as a set of principles that are incontrovertibly true. How often do we fall down in life? How often do we need some thing, some support to get back up again. Is dependancy on self help books and success magazines the only way to improvise?
Life teaches in harsh ways.In order to learn the lessons of life, we first need to be grateful about everything. There is always someone out there who is crying for not having a thing that we already have in our life. Though this does not sound like inspiration, it is one of the most indubitable truths of life! We often find ourselves thinking about the problems that is in no way meaningful to us in the long run. Reading books is definitely a good way to enrich our knowledge and find solutions to the things that we need help on. Will Smith, epic American Actor has a good point on reading: "there have been millions and billions and decillions of people who have lived before us. There is no new problem you can have, that someone has not already solved, and wrote about it in a book. So the key to life is reading."