Thursday, January 30, 2014

Vocabulary Box Idea by My Friend :)

How many new words can you learn daily? Five? Ten? Fifteen? Twenty???
Well...five and ten do not sound good to the ears.. neither to the Ego!
even twenty words a day certainly don't sound like a Big Deal!! huhhh....


So, lets play a game!
Well, the idea of the game is not mine... All Credits go to my Friend :)

1. Take a box.
2. Write a word and its meaning and put in it.
3. This way, Start with your 20 words a day.
4. Every time you pass by the box, just take a chit out and ask yourself the Meaning.
5. This way when you are sure enough that you will Never forget a word..
Then, throw that chit out!!!...

Can you imagine!!..

Remembering a box full of words this way.. ... :) Wow what a cool idea ;)