Tuesday, January 21, 2014


What does it feel like to become a successful freelancer? No restrictions of dress code, time of work, breaks, location, nothing! One is free to work from wherever he wants to wearing whatever he wishes to, and while pursuing anything that he likes to and even in conjunction to his full/part time office job. Freedom is what Freelancing is all about. As a Freelancer, one can commute to whatever places he wishes to, easily find time to be with the loved ones and set time aside for things that he always wants to do. One does not need to wait for years to that big salary hike, neither does he need to work for somebody else. As a freelancer, one can directly provide service to the client, and beget profit in return.One's home can be his office. Or imagine working from that exotic beach in far pacific. The general resources that a Freelancer needs are- a Computer, Webcam, and high speed internet. The Market for freelancing is booming year after year. If one starts earning good and equal to what he does in his full time office job, and has enough freelance projects in hand, he can decide to turn into a full time freelancing career alternative.
                        Freelancer is typically a one person business. A Freelancer particularly works on a module as a whole, or phase of a larger project. Freelancers are alse called 'Self Employed' or 'Independent Contractors'.