Saturday, December 28, 2013

Food Development Life Cycle, an analogy to SDLC

I am feeling hungry.I need to eat something. I can't prepare food by myself. I will need to purchase it somewhere. Hotel is a good option for having food.(ANALYSIS).
I walked into a Hotel. I see a menu card. I would like to have spicy food today.(REQUIREMENT).I would like to have Veg Kolhapri and Rotis. I would need more chilly in Veg Kolhapuri.I explained this to a Waiter. Waiter asked me if i would like to have plain Roti or Butter Roti. I told him to serve Butter Roti. I would need rice too.I told the Waiter to include Rice and Dal Fry too. He asked me if i would like to have Jeera rice instead. I agreed as it would taste better. Waiter wrote down all these requirements and asked me for starter and/or drink. I checked my pocket to see how much money i had(BUDGET). I had 200 rs with me, enough to cover a drink along with the ordered food. I asked him to include a cold drink. Waiter repeated all the requirements and specifications before me. He goes to kitchen thinking about the cooks in there, who will prepare these food items. He assigned food items to be prepared to respective cooks and mentioned all the requirements and specifications to each of them(DESIGN/PLAN). They discussed the requirements with the Waiter.
They started working as per the specifications(CODING). Each cook had a plan in mind to prepare assigned food items. They availed the ingredients and finished cooking food as ordered by me. Each cook tasted the food item to ensure it tasted good, and as per the requirements(QUALITY ASSURANCE/TESTING). The waiter was summoned to take the food items to my table. He took the items to me, and served the food(IMPLEMENTATION). I was amazed by the quality of food served. The food tasted like i wanted it to. I consumed food and drink and was happy with it. I paid the bill with a tip to the waiter. I congratulated him for the food and his service. I left the Hotel thinking i should come there tomorrow as well.

Food :Software/Product Me :Customer, Waiter:Project Manager/Business Analyst Cooks :Developers/QA/Testers