Monday, August 12, 2013

Trying This Out :)

Sometimes, a motivational blog turns into a plea for guidance from the author himself! :P
Hey Guys, i have been trying to improvise on certain aspects of my life. One thing i am currently have no solution for is the irregularity in sleep routine. I am facing this problem since quite a few days now. Its 12.00 in the night and i am still awake writing this blog post. I need to get up at 4 in the morning anyhow to give the week the best start! I have big plans and ideas for things to do this week. However, i am completely clueless of what i should do to make myself feel sleepy at night and fully refreshed in the afternoon. Weekends are terrible with monstrously powerful naps that try to overpower me in the afternoon, and the worst thing is; they do not show up in the night at all :(
I am not an insomniac at all! I feel anxious though, at times, but that's completely natural and i think its necessary in my path towards accomplishment of my goal. Lately i have started realizing that good and regular sleep timings is not quite possible with my current lifestyle and work timings.

However, i am currently thinking of a way that i guess should work. It is very very tough though. The chances of my being able to do this are quite less. The bright point of this approach is that if... if i really succeed in doing this, i will have enough strength to transform every cell of my body into a powerhouse of vital energy :)