Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why Presumptive Thinking Must Be Stopped

We often find ourselves the reason behind our own failures. Most often we discover that the only person stopping us is ourselves. What's the reason behind this regressive thinking of ours?
What is it that pulls us back from stretching ourselves to our fullest potential? Is it the fear of setbacks? or, the fear of victories? Fear of setbacks stops us from taking steps ahead. People end up doing nothing to avoid embarrassment resulting from a setback. Some people fear to be successful. These are the ones who doubt their ability to handle victory. Our basic problem is, that we assume to much. If the assumption is right, its a great deal! However, if it is wrong, it can permanently hold one back from being excellent any particular endeavor.
    In order to succeed, we should first stop assuming things. We cannot accomplish anything worthwhile in our life by simply making assumptions. Thomas Alva Edison did not make a negative assumption about his invention of an electric bulb. He did not doubt his belief and is said to have tried more than 10,000 times to actualize his dream. Had he assumed failure and believed in it, one small thought of doubt could have been sufficient to permanently stop him from taking forward steps. We are not programmed to assume things from our childhood. We develop this habit from the society. Found an interesting experiment on monkeys over the internet, and think it would be a good example on this conception: Link


Let us stop assuming things guys. Like just another bad habit, this one should go too. Pablo Picasso hardly slept. He used to work on his art for long hours before taking short naps. He never assumed an exhausting next day.
Stop assuming things.