Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why Presumptive Thinking Must Be Stopped

We often find ourselves the reason behind our own failures. Most often we discover that the only person stopping us is ourselves. What's the reason behind this regressive thinking of ours?
What is it that pulls us back from stretching ourselves to our fullest potential? Is it the fear of setbacks? or, the fear of victories? Fear of setbacks stops us from taking steps ahead. People end up doing nothing to avoid embarrassment resulting from a setback. Some people fear to be successful. These are the ones who doubt their ability to handle victory. Our basic problem is, that we assume to much. If the assumption is right, its a great deal! However, if it is wrong, it can permanently hold one back from being excellent any particular endeavor.
    In order to succeed, we should first stop assuming things. We cannot accomplish anything worthwhile in our life by simply making assumptions. Thomas Alva Edison did not make a negative assumption about his invention of an electric bulb. He did not doubt his belief and is said to have tried more than 10,000 times to actualize his dream. Had he assumed failure and believed in it, one small thought of doubt could have been sufficient to permanently stop him from taking forward steps. We are not programmed to assume things from our childhood. We develop this habit from the society. Found an interesting experiment on monkeys over the internet, and think it would be a good example on this conception: Link


Let us stop assuming things guys. Like just another bad habit, this one should go too. Pablo Picasso hardly slept. He used to work on his art for long hours before taking short naps. He never assumed an exhausting next day.
Stop assuming things.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Trying This Out :)

Sometimes, a motivational blog turns into a plea for guidance from the author himself! :P
Hey Guys, i have been trying to improvise on certain aspects of my life. One thing i am currently have no solution for is the irregularity in sleep routine. I am facing this problem since quite a few days now. Its 12.00 in the night and i am still awake writing this blog post. I need to get up at 4 in the morning anyhow to give the week the best start! I have big plans and ideas for things to do this week. However, i am completely clueless of what i should do to make myself feel sleepy at night and fully refreshed in the afternoon. Weekends are terrible with monstrously powerful naps that try to overpower me in the afternoon, and the worst thing is; they do not show up in the night at all :(
I am not an insomniac at all! I feel anxious though, at times, but that's completely natural and i think its necessary in my path towards accomplishment of my goal. Lately i have started realizing that good and regular sleep timings is not quite possible with my current lifestyle and work timings.

However, i am currently thinking of a way that i guess should work. It is very very tough though. The chances of my being able to do this are quite less. The bright point of this approach is that if... if i really succeed in doing this, i will have enough strength to transform every cell of my body into a powerhouse of vital energy :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy New Month!

Happy New Month 'August' and best wishes to continue with the amazingly stringent daily routine(wouldn't say 'ridiculously sickening' and that i am Will Smith yet!). Most part of this blog has been more like a personal dialogue. This post is personal too, and it is one of those steps that manifests the possible factuality in the otherwise abstract conception of 'self-fulfilling prophecy'. June and July 2013 have been, by far, the most productive months of my life! I have felt obsession of getting things done fast, like never before. I have been able to work fast, think accurate and inhale more oxygen, like never before. This period has not only given me happiness, but also bestowed me with celestial feeling of achieving tiny goals daily. I held myself high and won many battles against the inner saboteur who seemed monstrously powerful and impossible to stand against! My mind has become strong and i feel like i can do anything and everything . My instincts have become surprisingly strong. I am not particularly inspired by anyone, but yes, a blog that i 'coincidentally' came across, motivated me to write good stuff. Hey, You! right in this moment, i know the possibility is very less.. but, if you are reading this sentence right now, at this moment, i just wanted to say you "Thank You! :) for writing such a beautiful blog". I don't completely believe in Coincidence(neither in Destiny completely), but i believe in Paulo Coelho when he says:

 "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

 Blogging has been one of my top projects in mind. Over the period of time, i realized that its more like a marathon race than sprint one. I am looking forward to write more though. The only thing that i feel sad about(and makes me wonder too..)is that not many people seem to read this blog. Am i just writing it for myself like Anne Frank's diary? :) Whatever the destiny of this blog is, i really enjoy myself working on it. My second project at hand is improving my dance. Seems like i am growing daily. I have had a good enmity with sleep and i have been able to suppress the excess of it too. So all in all, it has been a great month! I need to improve my writing style and the type of content.
Cheers! August!! Lets work harder, live happier, expect less and work more! I think i need more motivation to work on my blog. But, i completely realize that inspiration will come to me, but it should find me working all the time! Hey August, you seem to be my only friend, and only visitor to my blog right now. Enjoy this post, and let me know if you like it :)