Tuesday, June 11, 2013

If I Get One Million Dollars !!!

This would be the end of everything i had been trying to do to get financially well off! If i get 1 Million Dollars today, i would first have a Big Smile on my face! :) What would i do with it? Well, i would first divide that money and save each quotient into different bank accounts(the safest thing to do at the start i believe). This step would minimize the risk of loss to a high extent! I would then go to a tour to some place far in the Pacific!! This would be my adieu to the struggles in the rat race! I would now have a chance to earn interest on the money in my bank accounts and avail it for my daily expenses :) In order to manage such a large amount of money, i would need great financial IQ!(Knowing that the most powerful force in the world that keeps it running is 'Money'). I would focus on learning to increase my wealth now. I would now be able to give most of my time to learn and do things that i always wanted to do, and those i love to do! On a fine weekend morning, i would go Sky Diving, Para-sailing, Scuba Diving, and Rock Climbing... :)


I would have an opportunity to travel on a Cruise ship and to watch the waves rolling in the deep.. i would hear the sound of waves, and fall in love with Nature :) I would look at the stars in the night sky, and enjoy the cool, heavenly wind.. I would now have a chance to pursue my hobbies full time, and do the things i love to do, from anywhere in the world! I would scream, i would jump and rock in Happiness Extreme!!! I would cherish old friendships and make new friends throughout the world!! I would meditate to listen to my inner voice and sharpen my mental and physical traits to nurture myself! I would go to the jungle and enjoy the greenery and the beauty of mother earth!! I would travel the beautiful places in the world and go to the Niagara Falls, the Himalayas, the Islands of the Pacific, France, China, Australia.. Yo! the list goes on and on :)

I would learn to 'Invest' wisely and at right places to multiply my profits.. I would be at the Petrona's in KL on a day and Burj Al Arab in Dubai on the very next day. When i would post my pictures online, my friends would go like.."ohhh man... i wish i would have been there too..!! " I would enjoy a four hour work week freelancing and consulting and travel around the world, without any constraints. I would shoot and capture the beauty in the universe by being on a voyage and adventure trips, the way world's most adventurous people do :) I would blog my experiences and make podcasts and videos about the amazing things i would encountered in the extremes! I would go visit the native population in the areas i expedite and offer help to the needy people! I would teach them ways to develop and take care of themselves in this highly competitive world! I would go to the Kremlin in Moscow and experience what it feels like, to be there in freaking cold conditions! I would be amid the Sahara desert the next day to experience what it feels like, to be roasted like a chicken :P The next trip would be the Madame Tussauds in Paris, followed by the Berlin Wall the very next day.

Ayn Rand in 'Atlas Shrugged' says, "Do not lose your knowledge that, Man's proper estate is an upright posture, an intransigent mind, and a step that travels unlimited roads.." . Life would be a Merry-Go-Round, but will be driven by new desires, new conquests and new challenges. I would read books and gain knowledge about the stuff, i would love to know about. Having achieved total financial freedom, i would have nothing that would push me to work for someone else to make someone else rich. My money would be working for me rather that me working for someone else, to help him earn more money. The sunrise would be for me, the sunset would be for me, and everyday i will wake up with a knowledge that i am no longer a slave to somebody else's private system. I would get my Parents a more healthy life style, and for me the time would come to go for the finer, beautiful things in life. 'Wealth' is defined and measured as the number of days one can survive without having to go to work. At this point of time, i would be making money and accumulating it by doing things that i love to do! Being self controlled, i would always be sane enough not to burn money for any types of addictions or liquor. Life wouldn't remain the same. There would be hell lot of parties and fun around though!

    When i thought about the above, i realize that Life does not come with a guarantee card. All we have, is this moment. Everything else is just illusion. I am happy, and grateful to God for all that i have received; but i am chasing my dreams. We must "not let the hero in our soul to perish in lonely frustration..for the life we deserve but have not been able to reach...The world we desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. it's ours.” Man exists for the achievement of his desires :)
This is a completely personal blog post. Thank You! for enduring all the 'i would's, haha! If you have similar dreams, share your views!!!..? Life is full of possibilities. And everything you dream to accomplish is possible. Only if you have firm belief though...