Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Writing Fiction

It feels like there is no limit fiction stories can have. The world of fiction is so vast that one can write about almost anything that comes to his mind. Everything we see, every word we hear, and every situation we go through,can be transformed into a part of fiction story. One of the best characteristics with fiction stories is that there's no limit to what can be written about a character, thing or a plot in a story. Just like infinite number of rhythms and songs can be written from the seven basic notes of music, whatever we observe in our real life can actually be written about, relating it to whatever we would like to write on.

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As a journey to travel a thousand miles starts with a single step forward, thousands of lines have followed that one, first line that i wrote!
It is really wonderful how great authors could write a thousand pages. Where did they get ideas from? After quite a lot of time, a realization dawned: all we need is a book, pen and a mind-a mind, open to people, open to situations and open to incidents. It is a relative concept though and there are various ways the authors think and harness to develop a story line. Just as a reservoir gets filled by drops of water, pages of the book get filled with the ideas of creativity! fingers crossed! :)