Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Pursuit Of Health..

I took a step forward,
with a belief on myself inward,
it was great and wonderful first,
until i felt exhausted with killing thirst,

one by one, i completed rounds,
to the rhythm of the audible sounds,
i felt pain excruciating,
that strain in my muscles teasing,

"i just have to breathe" i said,
looking at my way ahead,
at the end of every night,
is a beautiful and heavenly sight,

Photograph: Joe Wigdahl/Alamy Image source:

Running releases Endorphins,
one of the reasons to win,
it makes memory sharp,
that makes me ready to warp,

how often do we feel?
the glaring zeal,
an ambition inside,
to ride the tide!

i hear my heart beat,
i realize some thoughts obsolete,
i have to keep moving,
for life is all about growing!