Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Pursuit Of Health..

I took a step forward,
with a belief on myself inward,
it was great and wonderful first,
until i felt exhausted with killing thirst,

one by one, i completed rounds,
to the rhythm of the audible sounds,
i felt pain excruciating,
that strain in my muscles teasing,

"i just have to breathe" i said,
looking at my way ahead,
at the end of every night,
is a beautiful and heavenly sight,

Photograph: Joe Wigdahl/Alamy Image source:

Running releases Endorphins,
one of the reasons to win,
it makes memory sharp,
that makes me ready to warp,

how often do we feel?
the glaring zeal,
an ambition inside,
to ride the tide!

i hear my heart beat,
i realize some thoughts obsolete,
i have to keep moving,
for life is all about growing!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Something Remarkable!

What's the point of being on this earth if you aren't longing for something remarkable? Most of us are blessed with so many Gifts! Nothing in the world can be as valuable as pair of eyes that we have. One cannot understand the importance of vision until he meets someone who has not seen anything! Sometimes i wonder why we are so pessimistic, why we get so nervous about things that we don't have. We are living in a Golden Era! The twenty first century world is filled with so many wonders you know! There are opportunities everywhere! There is limitless supply of knowledge over the internet. The very mind that we have has developed a Super Computer! We have taken ourselves to the depths of oceans and stepped over celestial bodies!


The first thing we must do to begin living a good life, is that we should abhor negative thinking totally. We should manifest and explore our inner world, the way we have expanded our reach in the space. The anatomy of human brain is so amazing! Can you believe,"we have not yet discovered vast part of human brain yet!". This small organ in our body is capable of doing wonderful things! People like Stephen Hawking did not spend their life thinking about physical traits they did not have. They went on to make optimum use of their brain power. Saying this, i don't intend saying we should stress on developing the same scientific outlook as the great Scientist, and try to imitate Stephen Hawking or someone else to become them some day. What i mean to say, is that each one of us has something that is spectacular. There is much more within all of us to give out! There is more power within us than we think.We are destined to be somebody great! "Man exists for the achievement of his desires"- This is what 'Existentialism' is all about. Why would one possibly like to live life aspiring nothing! Especially when you have got everything! World is so beautiful!! Why is it that we often fail to see this beauty through our eyes? Why is it that we value materialistic possessions so much that we crave for them like anything. Why is it that we don't realize that the real wealth is health! and that an able bodied man can live a happy and more fulfilling life without money, much, much better than how a physically disabled millionaire would! We should think about it seriously, shouldn't we?
please let me know your views!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Writing Fiction

It feels like there is no limit fiction stories can have. The world of fiction is so vast that one can write about almost anything that comes to his mind. Everything we see, every word we hear, and every situation we go through,can be transformed into a part of fiction story. One of the best characteristics with fiction stories is that there's no limit to what can be written about a character, thing or a plot in a story. Just like infinite number of rhythms and songs can be written from the seven basic notes of music, whatever we observe in our real life can actually be written about, relating it to whatever we would like to write on.


As a journey to travel a thousand miles starts with a single step forward, thousands of lines have followed that one, first line that i wrote!
It is really wonderful how great authors could write a thousand pages. Where did they get ideas from? After quite a lot of time, a realization dawned: all we need is a book, pen and a mind-a mind, open to people, open to situations and open to incidents. It is a relative concept though and there are various ways the authors think and harness to develop a story line. Just as a reservoir gets filled by drops of water, pages of the book get filled with the ideas of creativity! fingers crossed! :)