Saturday, December 28, 2013

Food Development Life Cycle, an analogy to SDLC

I am feeling hungry.I need to eat something. I can't prepare food by myself. I will need to purchase it somewhere. Hotel is a good option for having food.(ANALYSIS).
I walked into a Hotel. I see a menu card. I would like to have spicy food today.(REQUIREMENT).I would like to have Veg Kolhapri and Rotis. I would need more chilly in Veg Kolhapuri.I explained this to a Waiter. Waiter asked me if i would like to have plain Roti or Butter Roti. I told him to serve Butter Roti. I would need rice too.I told the Waiter to include Rice and Dal Fry too. He asked me if i would like to have Jeera rice instead. I agreed as it would taste better. Waiter wrote down all these requirements and asked me for starter and/or drink. I checked my pocket to see how much money i had(BUDGET). I had 200 rs with me, enough to cover a drink along with the ordered food. I asked him to include a cold drink. Waiter repeated all the requirements and specifications before me. He goes to kitchen thinking about the cooks in there, who will prepare these food items. He assigned food items to be prepared to respective cooks and mentioned all the requirements and specifications to each of them(DESIGN/PLAN). They discussed the requirements with the Waiter.
They started working as per the specifications(CODING). Each cook had a plan in mind to prepare assigned food items. They availed the ingredients and finished cooking food as ordered by me. Each cook tasted the food item to ensure it tasted good, and as per the requirements(QUALITY ASSURANCE/TESTING). The waiter was summoned to take the food items to my table. He took the items to me, and served the food(IMPLEMENTATION). I was amazed by the quality of food served. The food tasted like i wanted it to. I consumed food and drink and was happy with it. I paid the bill with a tip to the waiter. I congratulated him for the food and his service. I left the Hotel thinking i should come there tomorrow as well.

Food :Software/Product Me :Customer, Waiter:Project Manager/Business Analyst Cooks :Developers/QA/Testers

Saturday, November 30, 2013

New Life

I made a new decision today,
aligned my thoughts in an array,
filtered the positive right away,
and trashed the useless dismay


Every moment is a new life,
realize the power that is rife,
i will be happy while i strife,
enjoy the nature and wildlife!

today is an opportunity,
utilize the ability,
shun all negativity,
i will prove my adaptability

Nothing is impossible,
everything is accessible,
harness all that is educible,
to become unstoppable.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why Presumptive Thinking Must Be Stopped

We often find ourselves the reason behind our own failures. Most often we discover that the only person stopping us is ourselves. What's the reason behind this regressive thinking of ours?
What is it that pulls us back from stretching ourselves to our fullest potential? Is it the fear of setbacks? or, the fear of victories? Fear of setbacks stops us from taking steps ahead. People end up doing nothing to avoid embarrassment resulting from a setback. Some people fear to be successful. These are the ones who doubt their ability to handle victory. Our basic problem is, that we assume to much. If the assumption is right, its a great deal! However, if it is wrong, it can permanently hold one back from being excellent any particular endeavor.
    In order to succeed, we should first stop assuming things. We cannot accomplish anything worthwhile in our life by simply making assumptions. Thomas Alva Edison did not make a negative assumption about his invention of an electric bulb. He did not doubt his belief and is said to have tried more than 10,000 times to actualize his dream. Had he assumed failure and believed in it, one small thought of doubt could have been sufficient to permanently stop him from taking forward steps. We are not programmed to assume things from our childhood. We develop this habit from the society. Found an interesting experiment on monkeys over the internet, and think it would be a good example on this conception: Link


Let us stop assuming things guys. Like just another bad habit, this one should go too. Pablo Picasso hardly slept. He used to work on his art for long hours before taking short naps. He never assumed an exhausting next day.
Stop assuming things.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Trying This Out :)

Sometimes, a motivational blog turns into a plea for guidance from the author himself! :P
Hey Guys, i have been trying to improvise on certain aspects of my life. One thing i am currently have no solution for is the irregularity in sleep routine. I am facing this problem since quite a few days now. Its 12.00 in the night and i am still awake writing this blog post. I need to get up at 4 in the morning anyhow to give the week the best start! I have big plans and ideas for things to do this week. However, i am completely clueless of what i should do to make myself feel sleepy at night and fully refreshed in the afternoon. Weekends are terrible with monstrously powerful naps that try to overpower me in the afternoon, and the worst thing is; they do not show up in the night at all :(
I am not an insomniac at all! I feel anxious though, at times, but that's completely natural and i think its necessary in my path towards accomplishment of my goal. Lately i have started realizing that good and regular sleep timings is not quite possible with my current lifestyle and work timings.

However, i am currently thinking of a way that i guess should work. It is very very tough though. The chances of my being able to do this are quite less. The bright point of this approach is that if... if i really succeed in doing this, i will have enough strength to transform every cell of my body into a powerhouse of vital energy :)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Happy New Month!

Happy New Month 'August' and best wishes to continue with the amazingly stringent daily routine(wouldn't say 'ridiculously sickening' and that i am Will Smith yet!). Most part of this blog has been more like a personal dialogue. This post is personal too, and it is one of those steps that manifests the possible factuality in the otherwise abstract conception of 'self-fulfilling prophecy'. June and July 2013 have been, by far, the most productive months of my life! I have felt obsession of getting things done fast, like never before. I have been able to work fast, think accurate and inhale more oxygen, like never before. This period has not only given me happiness, but also bestowed me with celestial feeling of achieving tiny goals daily. I held myself high and won many battles against the inner saboteur who seemed monstrously powerful and impossible to stand against! My mind has become strong and i feel like i can do anything and everything . My instincts have become surprisingly strong. I am not particularly inspired by anyone, but yes, a blog that i 'coincidentally' came across, motivated me to write good stuff. Hey, You! right in this moment, i know the possibility is very less.. but, if you are reading this sentence right now, at this moment, i just wanted to say you "Thank You! :) for writing such a beautiful blog". I don't completely believe in Coincidence(neither in Destiny completely), but i believe in Paulo Coelho when he says:

 "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

 Blogging has been one of my top projects in mind. Over the period of time, i realized that its more like a marathon race than sprint one. I am looking forward to write more though. The only thing that i feel sad about(and makes me wonder too..)is that not many people seem to read this blog. Am i just writing it for myself like Anne Frank's diary? :) Whatever the destiny of this blog is, i really enjoy myself working on it. My second project at hand is improving my dance. Seems like i am growing daily. I have had a good enmity with sleep and i have been able to suppress the excess of it too. So all in all, it has been a great month! I need to improve my writing style and the type of content.
Cheers! August!! Lets work harder, live happier, expect less and work more! I think i need more motivation to work on my blog. But, i completely realize that inspiration will come to me, but it should find me working all the time! Hey August, you seem to be my only friend, and only visitor to my blog right now. Enjoy this post, and let me know if you like it :)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Those lanes

Amazing were those lanes,
balls that broke windowpanes,
those gazes to see aeroplanes,
and the strength to endure those canes

That early morning wake up alarm,
the bath in that water lukewarm,
hassle to reach school through swarm
thrill to tackle that strict schoolmarm

the struggle to complete the homework,
along with the real-time classwork!
fun to hit the bench-mate by yerk
once the teacher turns her eyes stark

The excitement about snacks
stealth of tiffins from backpacks
those round tables under barracks
the run to classrooms through minitracks

the sound of bell made the day!
every one felt happy to say,
"its time to go home to play!"
Everyday was like a birthday!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The ultimate recipe for disaster

A few days ago, saw a quote on some notice board that said,"If Plan A didn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters, stay cool!". There truly is some level of wisdom in this quote. However, i think that this attitude is an ultimate recipe for ending up being a failure. Words play a very important role in our day to day lives. The quotes that we notice catch the attention of our mind, and arouse similar thoughts that ultimately transform into actions. We often find ourselves ruminating and reciting some song or quote that we heard the previous day. Our memory is smarter than we think. Everything a person sees, hears and feels makes an impact on his mind. In the wee hours of the morning, right after we wake up, our subconscious mind is active and most sensitive. Good quotes can make our lives, while wrong words an degrade the quality of our lives.
                   My interpretation of this quote was very simple. "If 'Plan A' didn't work.." actually means failure in execution of a plan A at the first attempt. Planning is very important thing. When we think of doing something, be it a very small, or a seemingly impossible, monumental task; the first thing that our mind comes up with, is 'a plan of action'. We need to be very careful in preparing our plan guys. A right plan is truly a blueprint of success.So, when we fail in our first attempt, which is going to happen for sure, this quote tells us to 'stay cool' and change our plan. But no one has become successful in the first attempt guys. The most successful people out there are the ones who have failed countless number of times. Success depends on how great your failures were. If a person fails in his plans, and quits them with cool attitude, he is never going to be successful. If one wants to do something successfully, he should be doing that thing, executing that plan enough number of times. Now 'enough' here has a relative meaning guys. For some(believers of this quote) enough would mean one time. For some more more hardworking ones, it might mean doing 3 times, for diligent it might mean 10 times. But guys, for true champions, 'enough' is number of times until the thing goes according to what they visualized it to go like. Thomas Alva Edison, failure for most of his life was indeed a very perseverant guy. He didn't quit and change plans with a fucking cool attitude guys! He would attempt the same plan in 10000 different ways! This guy is known to be one of the most prolific inventors in the history of mankind.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Hold The Grip..

To hold the grip of that moment
is an act of the bold and prudent
in these times of great turbulence
isn't it 'time', that carries most importance?

hundred people have that dream,
ten of 'em long for the supreme,
five people dare to try the extreme,
it's only one, who hits that beam

listen to me man, you are not alone
countless others want that stone
if you wish to reach that milestone,
you gotta break your breastbone!

when you see those stars twinkle,
you wonder how they sparkle,
it is not easy, this battle
give it your all to break all shackles!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Take the first step
to start with your prep,
you will need to rep,
many times for people to gape!

i wonder why you doodle,
why don't you use google?
all that you get from that ogle
is that melancholic trifle,

you should be ready,
all actions should be steady,
in order to avoid malady,
and to convince the forelady,

understand one thing boy,
life is not to be shy,
you've already stopped being coy,
now you have great powers to redeploy!

to produce those moves gentle,
make your muscles disgruntle,
replicate that miraculous pintle,
to develop your dream mantle!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Good Morning !

'It is a wonderful beginning!'
said my heart screaming,
'Good Morning' said the birds, chirping
its the time for awakening!

Somebody gave me a wake up call,
i feel good and gladly tall,
somewhere along the line pal,
i held myself in a pitfall,

i realize things i missed,
life is to be cherished,
every moment is joy,
feel like a viceroy!


i will try my best,
to reach the nest,
will face the wretchedest,
i am full of zest!

24 hours full of possibility,
86,400 seconds of reality,
today i will fight vanity,
i swear, i'll kill profanity..

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

If I Get One Million Dollars !!!

This would be the end of everything i had been trying to do to get financially well off! If i get 1 Million Dollars today, i would first have a Big Smile on my face! :) What would i do with it? Well, i would first divide that money and save each quotient into different bank accounts(the safest thing to do at the start i believe). This step would minimize the risk of loss to a high extent! I would then go to a tour to some place far in the Pacific!! This would be my adieu to the struggles in the rat race! I would now have a chance to earn interest on the money in my bank accounts and avail it for my daily expenses :) In order to manage such a large amount of money, i would need great financial IQ!(Knowing that the most powerful force in the world that keeps it running is 'Money'). I would focus on learning to increase my wealth now. I would now be able to give most of my time to learn and do things that i always wanted to do, and those i love to do! On a fine weekend morning, i would go Sky Diving, Para-sailing, Scuba Diving, and Rock Climbing... :)


I would have an opportunity to travel on a Cruise ship and to watch the waves rolling in the deep.. i would hear the sound of waves, and fall in love with Nature :) I would look at the stars in the night sky, and enjoy the cool, heavenly wind.. I would now have a chance to pursue my hobbies full time, and do the things i love to do, from anywhere in the world! I would scream, i would jump and rock in Happiness Extreme!!! I would cherish old friendships and make new friends throughout the world!! I would meditate to listen to my inner voice and sharpen my mental and physical traits to nurture myself! I would go to the jungle and enjoy the greenery and the beauty of mother earth!! I would travel the beautiful places in the world and go to the Niagara Falls, the Himalayas, the Islands of the Pacific, France, China, Australia.. Yo! the list goes on and on :)

I would learn to 'Invest' wisely and at right places to multiply my profits.. I would be at the Petrona's in KL on a day and Burj Al Arab in Dubai on the very next day. When i would post my pictures online, my friends would go like.."ohhh man... i wish i would have been there too..!! " I would enjoy a four hour work week freelancing and consulting and travel around the world, without any constraints. I would shoot and capture the beauty in the universe by being on a voyage and adventure trips, the way world's most adventurous people do :) I would blog my experiences and make podcasts and videos about the amazing things i would encountered in the extremes! I would go visit the native population in the areas i expedite and offer help to the needy people! I would teach them ways to develop and take care of themselves in this highly competitive world! I would go to the Kremlin in Moscow and experience what it feels like, to be there in freaking cold conditions! I would be amid the Sahara desert the next day to experience what it feels like, to be roasted like a chicken :P The next trip would be the Madame Tussauds in Paris, followed by the Berlin Wall the very next day.

Ayn Rand in 'Atlas Shrugged' says, "Do not lose your knowledge that, Man's proper estate is an upright posture, an intransigent mind, and a step that travels unlimited roads.." . Life would be a Merry-Go-Round, but will be driven by new desires, new conquests and new challenges. I would read books and gain knowledge about the stuff, i would love to know about. Having achieved total financial freedom, i would have nothing that would push me to work for someone else to make someone else rich. My money would be working for me rather that me working for someone else, to help him earn more money. The sunrise would be for me, the sunset would be for me, and everyday i will wake up with a knowledge that i am no longer a slave to somebody else's private system. I would get my Parents a more healthy life style, and for me the time would come to go for the finer, beautiful things in life. 'Wealth' is defined and measured as the number of days one can survive without having to go to work. At this point of time, i would be making money and accumulating it by doing things that i love to do! Being self controlled, i would always be sane enough not to burn money for any types of addictions or liquor. Life wouldn't remain the same. There would be hell lot of parties and fun around though!

    When i thought about the above, i realize that Life does not come with a guarantee card. All we have, is this moment. Everything else is just illusion. I am happy, and grateful to God for all that i have received; but i am chasing my dreams. We must "not let the hero in our soul to perish in lonely frustration..for the life we deserve but have not been able to reach...The world we desire can be won. It exists.. it is real.. it is possible.. it's ours.” Man exists for the achievement of his desires :)
This is a completely personal blog post. Thank You! for enduring all the 'i would's, haha! If you have similar dreams, share your views!!!..? Life is full of possibilities. And everything you dream to accomplish is possible. Only if you have firm belief though...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Pursuit Of Health..

I took a step forward,
with a belief on myself inward,
it was great and wonderful first,
until i felt exhausted with killing thirst,

one by one, i completed rounds,
to the rhythm of the audible sounds,
i felt pain excruciating,
that strain in my muscles teasing,

"i just have to breathe" i said,
looking at my way ahead,
at the end of every night,
is a beautiful and heavenly sight,

Photograph: Joe Wigdahl/Alamy Image source:

Running releases Endorphins,
one of the reasons to win,
it makes memory sharp,
that makes me ready to warp,

how often do we feel?
the glaring zeal,
an ambition inside,
to ride the tide!

i hear my heart beat,
i realize some thoughts obsolete,
i have to keep moving,
for life is all about growing!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Something Remarkable!

What's the point of being on this earth if you aren't longing for something remarkable? Most of us are blessed with so many Gifts! Nothing in the world can be as valuable as pair of eyes that we have. One cannot understand the importance of vision until he meets someone who has not seen anything! Sometimes i wonder why we are so pessimistic, why we get so nervous about things that we don't have. We are living in a Golden Era! The twenty first century world is filled with so many wonders you know! There are opportunities everywhere! There is limitless supply of knowledge over the internet. The very mind that we have has developed a Super Computer! We have taken ourselves to the depths of oceans and stepped over celestial bodies!


The first thing we must do to begin living a good life, is that we should abhor negative thinking totally. We should manifest and explore our inner world, the way we have expanded our reach in the space. The anatomy of human brain is so amazing! Can you believe,"we have not yet discovered vast part of human brain yet!". This small organ in our body is capable of doing wonderful things! People like Stephen Hawking did not spend their life thinking about physical traits they did not have. They went on to make optimum use of their brain power. Saying this, i don't intend saying we should stress on developing the same scientific outlook as the great Scientist, and try to imitate Stephen Hawking or someone else to become them some day. What i mean to say, is that each one of us has something that is spectacular. There is much more within all of us to give out! There is more power within us than we think.We are destined to be somebody great! "Man exists for the achievement of his desires"- This is what 'Existentialism' is all about. Why would one possibly like to live life aspiring nothing! Especially when you have got everything! World is so beautiful!! Why is it that we often fail to see this beauty through our eyes? Why is it that we value materialistic possessions so much that we crave for them like anything. Why is it that we don't realize that the real wealth is health! and that an able bodied man can live a happy and more fulfilling life without money, much, much better than how a physically disabled millionaire would! We should think about it seriously, shouldn't we?
please let me know your views!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Writing Fiction

It feels like there is no limit fiction stories can have. The world of fiction is so vast that one can write about almost anything that comes to his mind. Everything we see, every word we hear, and every situation we go through,can be transformed into a part of fiction story. One of the best characteristics with fiction stories is that there's no limit to what can be written about a character, thing or a plot in a story. Just like infinite number of rhythms and songs can be written from the seven basic notes of music, whatever we observe in our real life can actually be written about, relating it to whatever we would like to write on.


As a journey to travel a thousand miles starts with a single step forward, thousands of lines have followed that one, first line that i wrote!
It is really wonderful how great authors could write a thousand pages. Where did they get ideas from? After quite a lot of time, a realization dawned: all we need is a book, pen and a mind-a mind, open to people, open to situations and open to incidents. It is a relative concept though and there are various ways the authors think and harness to develop a story line. Just as a reservoir gets filled by drops of water, pages of the book get filled with the ideas of creativity! fingers crossed! :)