Wednesday, March 4, 2015

3 Smart Steps to Select Your Blogging Niche

Niche is a very important thing for any blogger. You cannot go about blogging on every subject there is, on earth. Your blog has to be focused and targeted to a particular niche audience. This is the only way to be able to reach out to people and help them in their problems while creating a unique identity for your blog in the Blogosphere.

Selecting a niche can get very complex at times, mostly because bloggers tend to over analyze resulting into delays and dropouts at this instance. I found the following strategy useful in terms of selecting a niche:

1. Choose a topic you think most about in your daily life.


This could be anything! I always think about finding ways to a more independent, adventurous and rich lifestyle. Hence, i have chosen these things as my niche for blogging. People are devouring content like anything these days. All you need is a very specific set of things you can passionately write about, on a daily basis!

2. Chose a niche that people will emulate you for.


It takes a lot of hard and smart work to become an authority on any specific subject. However, once you become a respected voice in your field of interest, people will follow everything you do. You shouldn't underestimate the amount of efforts and interest in becoming an expert though. You will need to work day in and day out to become an expert or an efficient practitioner in your field of interest.

3. Chose a topic that you can blend different ideas and interests to generate posts on.


If you have fitness as a niche, there may be times when you fall short of ideas to write posts on fitness as a core topic. The best thing about blogging is that it does not have any hard imposed rules. You are always free to mix up ideas and related stuff life adventure and little bit of travel into it to give it a touch of uniqueness and peculiarity.

Making your blog stand out by is actually a difficult process. However, it is achievable and completely doable if you are very passionate about your niche, and blog nicely on a consistent basis. All the Best! Feel free to comment any queries! Thanks :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

3 Tips To Effectively Increase Reading Speed!

While many new ways of acquiring knowledge have came up in recent times, reading still remains the best way to stay updated.

Below are the 3 tips to become a voracious reader:

1. Rapid Devouring:


It is all about the concepts. Everything works around ideas. Once you get an understanding of ideas, the implementation gets very easy. Devouring text content can be done at a very fast speed. You need not read every word slowly and wait for yourself trying to mug up. Instead, you can implement rapid reading (like Swami Vivekananda did), in order to get the gist of the matter written in the text.

2. Effective Visualization:


Imagination rules the world. Our brain is truly limitless in its potentials. Simply believing you can read faster will help you master the art. Reading becomes more effective if you can actually visualize matter at the pace at which you are going through pages. This also helps improve creative powers of brain to an amazing extent.

3. Big Target:


If you place a small comic book in front of yourself and give yourself a day to read, you will never improve your reading speed. Our brain loves challenges. In order to force it to adapt reading at a faster pace, you need to place giant books in front of  yourself, and giving yourself relatively shorter time to finish off.

The more books you read, the more you evolve! Whatever you go through in your day to day life is stored in your brain. The wonderful thing is, you can access it anytime you need this knowledge for application!
Let me know your views! Thanks!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

3 Online Habits of The Most Creative People

The world of Internet is very seductive. Surfing is one of the most alluring activities that people engage themselves in, on a daily basis. While Surfing the web at home and at workplace has become the need of the day, a person's online behavior can provide an insight of his future. Below are the three online habits of creative people. If you have all of them, you are on the right path, and are using the web as a catalyst in your personal / professional growth:

1. They spend not more than a few minutes on Social Networking websites daily:


While social networking has become an important daily task to stay connected to the world, the excess of it could mean sheer wastage of productive time. If your work requires networking with people and communicating with them on a daily basis, social networking sites are the best resources on the web. However, if you always fell in the intelligently designed user interface traps of social networking websites, you tend to lose out on a lot of creative juices in your brain that are waiting to work for you.

2. They follow and devour content from blogs/websites relating to their passion:


The best thing in the 21st century world is amount of knowledge available on blogs and forums.
If you are passionate about programming and follow the niche blogs and forums based on programming, you are on the right path of staying updated with regards to this professional interest. This holds true for any discipline that you are passionate about. The Internet has opened up like never before and it has now become very easy for the experts / authorities in any fields to post their views and opinions in front of the world. Today, the Websites like Youtube and Wikipedia are gold mines of useful information, and can be effectively used for training oneself, to an extent  that no other premium resource is required.

3. They make optimum use of online tools and resources:


In order to accomplish any task at hand, one needs to be equipped with the technical know how about a variety of tools and softwares. An ability to use them can be leveraged by taking time to learn from the web. A person who has a technical know-how and proven ability of using the tools and resources, unknown to most others, is a great asset to any organization. The most productive and creative people always have a practical ability to harness the tools and resources in order to finish the task at hand, within optimum time.

Most creative people in the world are those that work on the knowledge that they have to build something that is helpful for other people to serve their purpose.
Please feel free to share your views on this topic! Thanks!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What Do You Eat For A Feel Good Effect?

What do you do when you are tense? What is it that you run to do, if you feel down or get disappointed? We all have something that we rely on to get an immediate feel good effect.  Some people smoke, some watch tv, while some others get drunk!

American Style Cream and Onion Lays

In such offbeat times, where i have no control on the situation whatsoever, there is one thing that i religiously rely on! Eating Lays!! They say no one can eat just one! That’s right! Really no one can eat just one of the lays wafers. The simply irresistible taste of Lays takes over all the anxiety in my mind and offers me a altogether new way of looking at things. I have had this mindset since a while now, and this habit has taken its roots since my childhood days. Just out of curiosity, i had once asked one of  my friends about why he turns to alcohol as a support in a depressing situation. His answer, though hilarious actually made sense. Alcohol after consumed weakens the connection between nerves giving an alcoholic’s mind, a much needed soothing effect. This short term detachment from the senses acts as a sweet euphoria making the alcoholic feel relaxed! Potato wafers give me the same effect :D

Glad to have an alternative for staying teetotal for life! The mouth watering Cream and Onioflavourpack is one of  the things that i live on this planet for! :D The Tomato flavour and thClassic Salted falvors also favour the taste buds, but the American Style Cream and Onion one always stands out as a Deal Maker, my favourite! It activates the adventure enzymes in my brain and rejuvenates me in the down times.
FritoLay is an Awesome Brand! would love to know about what you eat to get over stressful times! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Apparel that inspires Adventure!

Hey Guys! Hope you are doing fine! Just went on a small shopping spree for myself and bought some
really cool, awesome looking outfits! The best thing about this purchase was that its the largest
purchase i made since last year! What a rocking way to welcome New Year 2015?!  Sure, the
decision was motivated to give 2015 a head start!! The huge shopping fest and wonderful collection
by RIG (Pantaloons) was the prime temptation that made me go big on this purchase!!

RIG Casual Wear

I experienced remarkably positive vibes after i bought the apparel line for me :) One's confidence and his way to interact with other people often depends on his dressing style and comfort level he feels with it. The cool and brilliantly designed clothing by RIG brought a Big smile on my face!

The best thing about the Utility clothing line by RIG is that it is especially designed for the outdoor and casual lifestyle! If you love freedom and cannot live without travel and adventure, RIG is the Best Brand you can go for! It is dynamic and outrageous in look, and amazingly vibrant in its style.

I highly recommend this brand to the adventurously inclined within you! Please find more details on:

Monday, January 26, 2015

Most Energetic Way to Start a New Day!


Hey Guys! Ever thought what could be the most energetic way to start a day?

Right after one opens the eyes, his mind is in a state of emptiness and void.... totally silent
and unperturbed. This is the time when one should be very vigilant to his thinking pattern. And,
must let only positive communication to begin within oneself!

I gave some thought to this question, and came up with an idea that most of you would
probably burst in laughter hearing...  :D , yes, its lil crazyyyy! ;) would suggest people try this at their own risk!

Its Kick up Jump!!!!
Extremely enthusiastic and full of zest!!


Pre requisite: One must know how to do it, and must have been able to do it quite recently;
                        and, a period of about 180 seconds rolling the body to mentally prepare, and get some                                     pace and momentum for the jump!

I think its most Awesome way to start a day with! If you do not know how to do it,
there is an Awesome Tutorial by FightTIPS on Youtube... (video below). Its really inspiring!!
If you wish to learn, do refer it! I am planning to make one tutorial myself soon, with special attention to the pre jump warm-up required for the stunt. Stay Tuned :)

Please share your views, and if you think there could be any other joyful way to kick start the day! :)
(Note: only people who have mastered the art of kick ups before may try this exercise in the morning...acrobatic skills required! Moreover, body muscles, especially after sleep are not strong enough to stretch in force, and land perfectly, which is where the real challenge is! )

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Solitude for Intellect

There is a sequence in 2012 (the movie), where the young philosopher meets Buddha. Buddha talks with the Philosopher about his ideas.He tries to show the Philosopher truth, and get him to think from a different perspective, but the philosopher refuses to do so. He only sees things in his own way. So, Buddha offers Philosopher, a cup of tea. Buddha fills the cup and keeps pouring, the tea until it spills out over the table. Philosopher says, "Wait! The cup is full! It cannot hold any more!" Buddha says "This cup is like your mind. It is full of your own opinions and prejudices. There is no space for anything else. You will never learn to have other perspectives until you empty the cup first."
                    We have our own ideas and prejudices about life. Many of them are misconceptions. Whatever we see around us, whatever we hear, makes an impact on our minds. These very things  that get imbibed in our mind, make our mindset and attitude. Isn't there a lot of chaos around us? I would say 'noise' rather. Noise, the unwanted electromagnetic or electrical energy that degrades the quality of signals and data.' The noise around us, and within us, makes our life complicated. Indecisiveness, poor thinking patterns, inability to achieve goals, are all, the after effects of the noise within us. The question that arises next is: "Can we have a mechanism that can clear the noise and improve the quality of signals that our brain functions upon? Are there ways to deal with things effectively to eradicate the most basic causes of day to day failures? In order to make life more fulfilling, happy, successful, and worthwhile, is there something that we can really rely upon?


                    Well, i think we can rely on one thing for sure.Its our own thinking. We can rely on our very own thoughts, and ideas! However, in this rapidly changing world, does one get a chance to take a deep dive in the well of his mind to fetch a bucket of wisdom from inside? If we even become 1% wise than we were yesterday, we can see our life changing very fast. To experience this, however, we need to think in 'solitude'. The best things in life, the best ideas come to mind, when we are away from the noise, the chaos of the world. What makes us grow? Physical, mental and spiritual exercise; right? In order to have what we want to have, we must first 'be' what we should 'be'. We need peace. For, it is the solution to all the problems in life. Peace is so powerful; a step taken at peaceful times is 100 times more yielding than the one taken in hurry and with a confused mind. If we do this, if we can find some time to be alone, away from world's problems, away from all the chaos and delusions, we could lead ourselves and get what we want out of life. In urban cities, and in our busy lives, we don't generally get an opportunity to go to a nice, quiet, beautiful place and sit for a while to vacate our mind from useless stuff.We have got so busy being busy, that we have forgotten to breathe! It is an involuntary process, isn't it?! If we need peace, we need solitude. Away from the buildings, traffic, and misconceptions of life,
                    Lets get real! lets do what we truly want to, lets be what we truly dream to be!! :)
If you agree, please share your thoughts!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Their Happiness is Contagious! :)

Recently I had an Opportunity to be with some Unconditionally Happy Beings!
All kids! below 10!!
Each of them has unique qualities! Someone is good at studies, someone in crafts, someone in painting and dance.. However, all of them share a unique trait........! They are all "Happy"! Full of Optimism and enthusiasm! Their happiness is Contagious!

They are not so fortunate in terms of materialistic things. For most of them, Life is really hard. Much more than we can imagine. Yet, you would hardly see them frowning for anything. They accept challenges offered by life, and move on.

Just being with these kids and understanding each one of them made my month. I was surprised to see that a small gift to each of them would give them sooooooo much of happiness!!!!! Pencil, Notebook, Erasers, Rulers, they were so happy to have these things and start using them! :)

Don't you think that there is a Big difference between the attitude of these poor kids and the more privileged ones (the ones who get all their luxury wishes fulfilled by their parents?).

I wanted to make these kids happy, but actually, they gifted me happiness! Their happiness is indeed Contagious!! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Screw Gravity, I Want to Fly!

What made me embark on this adventurous journey?
Desire to Fly :)

"What if I fall? But oh my darling, what if you Fly?" -Erin Hanson

“Okay, so, flying,” I started, taking a deep breath and focusing on the thing I loved most in the world. “Flying is … great. It feels great when you’re doing it. It’s fun. Pure freedom. There’s nothing better.”
Dylan smiled, a slow, easy smile that seemed to light up his whole face.
“So the first thing we’re going to do,” I told him, “is push you off the roof.”
― James Patterson, Fang

“Maybe one day I could fly all over the world and meet other interesting birds.”
― Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title

When you are human, you discover that there is great power in hating the earth. And it can almost make you fly. But it never will."
I had frowned, not quite understanding him. "So, what's the trick?"
"Love the sky.”
― Anne Fortier, Juliet

Monday, October 20, 2014

If I Could Live Here!

"I am an under water explorer, not treasure hunter!!" - Robert Ballard

"All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath!" -F.Scott Fitzgerald

"Always behave like a duck. Keep calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle like hell underwater." - Jacob Braude

"Somewhere  under water may be you can find my heart. Coz that's where i threw it, after you had torn it out." - Anonymous

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Filter your thoughts!

According to a research in psychology, 60,000 thoughts come to a person's mind every day. Out of these, 95% are same as the previous day. Isn't it regressive to think same thoughts every single day? 'We travel several miles every day to find ourselves in the same place'. Just like iron gets rusted, our mind gets too. We, human beings, unlike other animals have an ability to choose good thoughts to think and program our minds to work in a new way. We can re program our minds everyday, to make our lives better. Improvisation and growth are signs of life.


Introspection of our day to day thoughts can play a very important role. We can just monitor the thoughts that come into our minds, and act on amending them. We can re direct our thoughts in a positive direction to steer our boats towards productive goals. Its all about mental programming! When useless thoughts come into our minds, we can just run anti virus(run a stream of positive thoughts) and 'refresh' our systems to work properly. One who can control his mind can control everything around him. The person able to re program his/her mind can never be victim of poor thinking patterns.The highly effective people around us are the ones who have the ability to filter and grasp positive things out of every situation, and discard the negative ones. One must be careful on letting different thoughts to enter his mind. If one wishes to excel in his life, he needs to be a keen observer to the thoughts that enter his mind. Everything depends on thoughts!There should be a very powerful filtering system in our minds that helps us identify thoughts and provide us an insight of consequences leading them. We can always be happy, active and focused.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Apple's Cupertino Campus filmed!

Massive excitement aroused when a Video portraying Apple's new Campus was uploaded on Youtube earlier today. Highly advanced DJI Phantom 2 with a Black Edition GoPro Hero 3+ was used to film the Massive Technology Centre.

"Apple Campus 2 rendering" by Apple, Inc. - Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

The highly talked about Campus 2 of Apple, being built in Cupertino, California is said to have a secret way for the VIPs to commute within the premises. Earthquakes wouldn't be able to destroy the Campus and the key buildings within the Campus are said to have been built with a special architectural built, so as to minimize the loss from an Earthquake. Campus would be self sufficient in terms of Food, is what some sources claim. Olive, Cherry, Apricot and Apple Trees would be planted all over the premises. New Engineering and Architectural Marvel is about to rise!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Imagine a life with perfect intuition.No matter what situation you come across, you have that ability to make the right choice.You can either mess up with everything, or go by the perfect set of actions to make your way to the desired output. We have always had the unseizable right to think our own thoughts, right? Isn't it that we have always been accountable to our own thoughts, words and actions? If you could go back in the past and rectify your own words, and actions, if not thoughts, how many such incidents would you like to amend? The idea that we are responsible for our own thoughts is the base of some great ideologies.One of Napolean Hill's classics 'Think and grow rich' encapsulates this very idea.A man who outsources his thinking can never do anything worthwhile in his life. 99% of all the people think in ways that are detrimental to their own interests. To live a happy, successful, life based upon moral values of course, we must first develop the knack of thinking it right. If i have to use a word or a phrase that correctly puts this point across, i would use 'perfect'. Though we can never be perfect, and perfection is like a state of vacuum, something that doesn't exist; this word is real close to what can be described for accurate thinking.

If we give a serious thought to why we haven't been able to accomplish meaningful and desired goals in our lives, we would come across the following reasons:

1. Low Aim, lack of ambitions

2. Lack of self belief,

3. Lack of persistence

4. Monotony

We, as human beings inherit the most precious of all the traits in the world. It is the ability to think wisely. It is an ability to dream consciously. While dealing with each and every situation, we often tend to deal with it weakly, with no impact. What we need is power! Amazing, mind blowing power, that makes our way, out of the dark woods. We can find a way for sure. A way, out of those wired, messed up monotonous times. For this, however, we must believe that the way exists, in the first place. Then, we can use that untapped human potential to deal with things, people, situations. We can train our mind to follow our inner voice. This is it.. all that we need, all that we have been waiting to know!

Let me know your thoughts!

Everyone Thinks Of Changing the World, But No One Thinks of Changing Himself!

One of the greatest problems troubling Environment today is the collection of dump,trash and junk. Rural life has become pathetic and Urban cities are struggling to keep themselves clean. Proper management of resources can actually solve this problem and make our surroundings better. We can take charge and work together to solve this problem. We, the youth can decide to make small groups and work on cleaning societies, colonies and small suburban units, thereby covering cities. Same things can be done in villages and small towns effectively. When it comes to solving the problems related to cleanliness, all we do is complain and post requests to Government authorities. We keep waiting for their action or at least a reply from them for years, only to discover that there's no use in requesting Government to clean our premises.


Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. Suppose a group of 5-10 people (strictly above 18 years of age)decide to do this for the society, even if by charging some money; it would not only clean the surrounding but also would become a good source of leisure activity and income generation. Beginning with a small 5 storied building, a society of 100 people, or a small rural colony, would be a good way to start. This work will not only develop a sense of unity among them but also inculcate the sense of Self Respect for themselves. Lets assume we collect about 100 Bucks from each urban household, every two months to keep their surroundings clean. This action will prove to be very beneficial for the people living in that society.  It would give them a good, healthier environment to live. It would save them from the daily grief they experience when they see garbage in front of their houses. This activity can actually be started with no initial income at all! Moving forward the group can register themselves as authorized cleaners. Grass cutting equipments, sweeps etc can be bought and work can be extended to Gardening as well. This would prove to be a good fun-time part-time job, self employed in nature!

And who knows if it becomes Big!! We can actually set up franchises across cities and spread its presence. Lets think Big!! and be Positive!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stop It If You Can!!!

How to deal with talkative people?! :P
we come across many different types of people each day. Some are happy, some are sad, some are highly energetic while some others are gloomy.The most difficult people to deal with are the highly talkative ones. They can keep you stuck at your seat for minutes and can keep you there all day long if you let them. Their monologue starts from one silly thing and jumps to several other topics around the globe. All the useless things better not spoken about splash through their mouth continuously. You wonder how much energy they have and whether the reservoirs of stupid things in their brains ever get depleted. You can hear the stuff in the beginning for a few minutes until it gets worse and your ears just cant tolerate anymore. A few minutes down the line, you start repenting your very existence over there and hate circumstances that took you there :). Things get even worse when you just don't have any idea how to somehow direct the discussion towards much coveted end.You don't have any other alternative than to agree to what they say or just pretend to do so. Of course you know what they are speaking and it does not matter to you whatsoever, but the very link is like a high speed internet connection, unstoppable and unfaltering. There is no term called buffering. Streaming is real time and you just don't get any room in between their sentences(even words!) that you could avail of to stop the discussion. You know that interrupting and directly saying that you have some place to reach on time.. or, some important work to do.. might hurt them. So, your mind starts thinking other valid reasons to find a way out of the situation. you feel pitiful about your inability to say 'no' directly, and wonder how strong you have become, to be able to hear boring, monotonous stuff for such a long period of time.


                    Last week, i accidentally(right word indeed!) came across one of my friends in front of a snacks' center adjoining MIT College. I finished my snacks within 10 minutes or so, and paid for it. A known voice fell across my ears. I turned back to see who she was and was happy to talk to her after two months.(The last time i talked to her was on phone, when my battery died while doing so). Without even asking me(much) how i was and what i am currently doing, she started to tell about her exams, papers, college, routine, subjects, friends, her aim in life, a heated conversation between one of her friends and her husband, .... to almost everything in the universe that had nothing to do with me howsoever! I tried and tried hard to tolerate and even felt good to talk to her for a few minutes until i literally started wondering what i really was doing over there.Almost 2 hours of worthless one sided conversation, and i had gone through one of the richest experiences life had to offer me. The experience that would make my next blog post!(positive side of the coin). She ordered snacks for herself and kept eating stuff for about an hour! I observed many people come there, have snacks and leave, but she showed no signs of stopping the conversation. The shopkeeper wondered how much she talks, how less she listens and he surely must have appreciated my tolerance :P . I was pretty confident at the beginning that i would somehow be successful at stopping her speak and leave for my friend's home, but after a while, i realized the vanity. All my attempts to stop her monologue were futile! When i had no clue what to do, and escape from there somehow, it started raining! I thanked God to have listened to my wishes and i now had a valid excuse to escape from that seemingly endless conversation! :P :)

"Count Your Blessings!"

    Just came across a quote over the internet that said, "Count Your Blessings". We often come across such quotes while reading. However, reading quotes and understanding them are two different things altogether.We are living in the twenty first century world. In this era of golden opportunities, we shouldn't be whining about useless things. "Man's reach cannot exceed his faith." If we believe we can move a mountain, we can. We should believe in ourselves and our ability to do be unstoppable. Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged says, "Do Not Lose Your Knowledge That Man's Proper Estate Is An Upright Posture, An Intransigent Mind, And A Step That Travels Unlimited Roads." Every cell in our body is active and full of vibrant energy. Every decision that we make, should be a consequence of thoughtful observation. We need to understand the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Isn't it foolish to focus all our mental energies and stress our brain to think about things that are of no use to us at all. Even 1 percent improvisation in the way we think and act can bring about remarkable changes in our lives. Imagine what can happen if we start thinking positively and start taking good decisions on a daily basis!

A Utopian World Order

Imagine the day when you open a newspaper and do not find a single post about that million dollars' financial fraud, that heinous murder, or that war on the borderline between once friendly nations. This idea and blog post is inspired by a rather obsolete conception of a perfect world. The most pervasive of all criminal activities, the bitter causes of dreaded enmity between multiple nations, and the most obnoxious of the thoughts that come into every single person's mind, if wiped out, can eventually build a foundation for an Utopian world order.
                     Money is believed to be the root cause of all evil activities. Some people believe that it is the lack of money that causes all problems. There have been great clashes between the capitalist and socialist ideologies over the thought of distribution of wealth.Capitalists believe that economy should be driven by profit, whereas socialists have a belief in the notion that everyone should get equal opportunities to earn money. Some thinkers have encapsulated a new thought- money(the cause of all pervasive greed) should no more be used as a means of exchange and the age old barter system be brought into action. Moving forward towards a new world order, mankind should be directed to see the eternal things in life. Food, clothing, shelter and love are four basic needs of man. It is greed to amass more wealth and the wicked intentions to overpower others that have caused so much of hatred and disequilibrium in the world.If economies of all the nations of the world give a serious thought over money, we can surely find a way to a much better world!
                    If we think about the reason behind the criminal activities that have been causing so much of nuisance around us, we see that it is actually due to the disharmony in the ways of thinking. No one is born as a criminal. But the incidents around a person that he sees and experiences while he grows up, makes him a criminal. The movies that one sees, the stories that one hears make so much impact on him that they actually sort of develop that mindset. In order to make our society a better place to live in, we need to be aware of the things that we let into our minds. Media is one of the greatest inventions that has positively changed the world. However, strict censor rules need to be made in order to stop portraying so much of violence(at least to prevent young people from watching it). Movies are reflections of real life, and a real life in turn is most often shaped my the things that one sees in movies and other forms of entertainment. Out of the most probable reasons why a person perpetrates crime, the most obvious is 'poverty'. Money is the most respected entity in the world today. Money, despite of being a non living entity 'rules' the world in true sense of the word. Poverty is a vicious circle. A person with a family, with 4 people depending upon him for survival would require some source of income to earn money and feed his family. If he fails to grab the means of livelihood, what option will he have? Letting his family starve to death? Guys, we are living in a highly competitive world. There are hell lot of fights going on out there. Just because we are happy and leading good lives, doesn't mean the world around us is happy too. It is like closing one's own eyes and thinking, 'no body is seeing me!'. Humanity is not just about living a good life oneself. But it is actually about doing one's bit to make world a better place for not so fortunate others. Giving poor children opportunities to learn and provide them means of education is a need of an hour today.
                  What if countries had no boundaries! Imagine Laissez Faire not just as a concept in capitalist economy, but as something that can actually be applied across boundaries as well. The unbelievable amount of money every nation spends on ammunition can be better utilized for developing the standard of living for its citizens. I mean, these wars, and all the bloodshed around should stop now, right? If there would be no wars, people wouldn't die every day for stupid reasons. The idea of world with no boundaries is an abstract idea though and isn't foolproof.

                 Peace is a solution to all problems. If each one of us makes an attempt to wipe the traces of all the divisive factors that have been set upon us, we can acknowledge that we are human beings, and humanity is our only religion. A person living in a particular colony of a city has so many distinct identities. The prejudices about these identities and false notions of belongings lead to several virtual divisive factors. He would not connect easily with the person in another continent, country, state,
city, or colony, or the one who belongs to other religion, caste, or creed, other than his own. A Utopian society wouldn't have these divisive factors that differentiate one person from the other.Different country, religion,race, eating habit(vegetarian or non vegetarian), wouldn't matter whatsoever. There would be a perfect harmony between all beings in the universe ,and perfect harmony between all the nationalities as well. This harmony can originate only from the acknowledgement of divine attachment to the almighty. Peace and tranquility are the solutions to all the the problems in the world. Inner peace will ultimately lead to outer peace. M. K. Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see". One must feel the poise within first. Its not a perfect world, and probably never can be one. However, our small efforts to develop ourselves, our family, and needy people around us can not only bring goodness to our own spirit, but also spread the spirit of goodwill to the yet unreachable corners of the universe. Friends, lets purify ourselves to feel the inner peace and connect to the celestial source of unlimited happiness! That's the Utopian island we've always been dreaming about!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Audacity is willingness to take bold risks. How often do we take risks in life? How often do we try new things out, in an attempt to go out and do things in the way we never have? If we wish to reach to a point where we never have reached, we ought to attempt things we never earlier have.The ability to try new things is actually what differs us from others around us.Why not try at least 1 new thing everyday? Why not explore new paths instead of traveling the same old path. Mind when forced to work under new conditions, in new environment develops faster than the one which doesn't. Change is the law of life. And in order to be equipped to face tough situations, in these turbulent times of deep social, political and economic changes, one needs to be reckless in his attitude. You see, our schooling system has developed only bookworms, nothing else. If you go through the rags to riches stories of the self made billionaires, you will find one bold quality within them all- the quality of being bold!


You will not know what you are capable of, until you do not try! The most enthusiastic people around us are the ones who are audacious and adventurous. Their reckless attitude defines them. They are known for their daring and they stand out of crowd on the virtue of this quality. Fear and courage cannot both coexist.Courage comes at the cost of giving up fear.To survive and make progress in this world, one needs to be fearless! As only the strongest in the world can survive; according to Darwin's theory, chicken littles have miserable lives.
"Aaj kucch toofani karte hain..!"

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Rising before the Sun,
hasn't always been fun!
when cool winds tease..
one gains all the reese :)


within everyone exists,
that wicked saboteur..
who cheats us in disguise..
that treacherous masquerader!

the moment we lose grip..
we start to degrade,
our dream to outstrip,
is set to retrograde..

When one starts valuing Time..

When one starts valuing Time,
every Moment becomes a dime,
Watch becomes ones's Shrine,
Procrastination becomes a Crime!


as one gets himself along the Line
every minute is considered Prime,
Be it studying, be it Dine..
every task is properly Aligned!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Vocabulary Box Idea by My Friend :)

How many new words can you learn daily? Five? Ten? Fifteen? Twenty???
Well...five and ten do not sound good to the ears.. neither to the Ego!
even twenty words a day certainly don't sound like a Big Deal!! huhhh....


So, lets play a game!
Well, the idea of the game is not mine... All Credits go to my Friend :)

1. Take a box.
2. Write a word and its meaning and put in it.
3. This way, Start with your 20 words a day.
4. Every time you pass by the box, just take a chit out and ask yourself the Meaning.
5. This way when you are sure enough that you will Never forget a word..
Then, throw that chit out!!!...

Can you imagine!!..

Remembering a box full of words this way.. ... :) Wow what a cool idea ;)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sit Back, & Relax!


How often do we find time to sit by and relax. Just relax and breathe to listen to our inner voice. Listen, not by making a conscious attempt, but simply as it comes. It is this time when the Best thoughts transcend into our rather dormant minds. There is a bountiful resource of the positive energies vibrating in and around us at all times. If we make a wise decision to chose to focus on these energies, we can connect with the divinity of things around us. Everything happens for a noble purpose!

Monday, January 27, 2014

The Enemy Within Us

There is an enemy within each one of us. The internal saboteur who stops us from going ahead each time we try to walk that extra mile. The negative version of our own personality holds us back from being what we really want to be. There is a fierce battle between our will, and the negative thoughts inflicted by the internal saboteur. Success is not about doing better that your competetion. Its actually about suppressing the regressive thought patterns and building blocks to eventually defeat the defeatist attitude that is holding us back. If one truly desires to surpass one's own limitations, his first step should be thinking what is holding him back. Instead of playing that stupid worthless blame game, one should hold oneself responsible for his act actions and resulting consequences.If we think deep, real deep, we find that the only person stopping us is ourselves. We ourselves aren't clear about what we want to achieve, and we point fingers towards others. Holding any events, or other people responsible for our failure is a prelude to more lethal failures in near future. In order to fight the enemy within us, we should build a powerful mechanism first.
    This particular blog post is inspired by the mind blowing song: 12 Stones- Enemy.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

'Cast Away' - A Review

From the Academy Award Winning Director of Forrest Gump, Cast Away is a 2000 American Adventure Drama Film starring Tom Hanks. The Protagonist Chuck Noland(played by Tom Hanks) is a top FedEx executive who strongly believes in Punctuality. Chuck's Life is ruled by the clock and he sees precision above anything else in the world. In an ordinary life, extra ordinary events can change a man forever. While traveling to Malaysia on a FedEx mission, his plane crashes and fate takes him to a lonely island. Little does Chuck imagine that he will need to spend four years of his life there. His Girlfriend's photo keeps him alive and becomes his hope and inspiration in the lonely times of extreme adversity. Chuck first gets very frustrated and has to struggle a lot for the basic amenities- food, clothing and shelter. He makes a lot of attempts to get out of that island and set himself free, but to no avail. He then learns to hunt, fish, produce fire, cook food, prepare his own calendar and take care of himself in extreme conditions. A Volleyball from one of the FedEx packages, actually a birthday gift for somebody becomes his personified friend(named Wilson) to whom he talks to like a real friend. Four years of struggle transforms him completely and he sets on a mission to go to his city. He loses Wilson in the journey and is unable to control the grief. He somehow reaches his city. His Dreams shatter when he discovers that his girl friend Kelly Frears(played by Helen Hunt)has married somebody else.

Wilson, the Volleyball
Image Source: Wikipedia Image
Chuck then finds is quite difficult to the easy life in the modern world. One of the most inspiring monologues from the movie is: "I would rather take my chance out there on the ocean, than to stay here and die". Tom Hanks won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the movie.

'Silver Linings Playbook' - A Review

Silver Linings Playbook is a 2012 American Comedy Drama film starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Pat Solitano Jr. goes through some terrible life experiences and loses his wife for perpetrating a criminal offense. He is discovered to suffer from a bipolar disorder. After having institutionalized at a mental health care facility for a period of time, he goes to live with his parents and hopes for a better life. Although he is on medication, he refuses to go for them and avoids therapy sessions because of the way they make him feel. He instead believes in optimism and hopes to make his life beautiful by discovering and focusing on the Silver Linings in his life. He makes attempts at finding a way to get close to his wife which he believes, is the sole purpose of his life. He comes across Tiffany Maxwell, a recovering sex addict. They come closer and go through quite a few clashes. In the meantime Tiffany comes to know about Pat's wish to get his wife back in his life. She tells him that she can help Pat go close to his life, but on a condition that he accompanies her and agrees to be her partner in a forthcoming dance competition.

Silver Linings Playbook - Diner Scene
Source of Youtube Channel: KissT04ka
The movie has some of the most wonderful dialogues, and is listed as one of the most successful movies of all times. Jennifer Lawrence has done an awesome job and won an Academy award for Best Performance By An Actress in a Leading Role. The Diner Scene in the movie was highly appreciated ad happens to be one of the most wonderful movie scenes in the history of Hollywood.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


What does it feel like to become a successful freelancer? No restrictions of dress code, time of work, breaks, location, nothing! One is free to work from wherever he wants to wearing whatever he wishes to, and while pursuing anything that he likes to and even in conjunction to his full/part time office job. Freedom is what Freelancing is all about. As a Freelancer, one can commute to whatever places he wishes to, easily find time to be with the loved ones and set time aside for things that he always wants to do. One does not need to wait for years to that big salary hike, neither does he need to work for somebody else. As a freelancer, one can directly provide service to the client, and beget profit in return.One's home can be his office. Or imagine working from that exotic beach in far pacific. The general resources that a Freelancer needs are- a Computer, Webcam, and high speed internet. The Market for freelancing is booming year after year. If one starts earning good and equal to what he does in his full time office job, and has enough freelance projects in hand, he can decide to turn into a full time freelancing career alternative.
                        Freelancer is typically a one person business. A Freelancer particularly works on a module as a whole, or phase of a larger project. Freelancers are alse called 'Self Employed' or 'Independent Contractors'.

'Think And Grow Rich'- Book Review

'Think and Grow Rich' written by Napolean Hill is a Landmark Bestseller. The book was first published in 1937, and since then has been and continues to be one of the greatest books ever written. According to some statistics, over 17 million of its copies have been sold; ant it is considered to be a gold standard for success literature. As a preparation of the book, Hill interviewed around 500 Thinkers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs of of his time. It is similar to Benjamin Franklin's 13 principles of success. The book encapsulates old and new ways, steps and principles that one must apply to be successful in life.
                        Although the book was published in the middle of the Great Depression, it was an immediate success. The book is now available in a different formats as well. Easy to read and analyze picture book formats are available are great help for anyone who wants to comprehend the concepts fast. the book taught millions of people to change the way they think about money and success. In the book, Napolean Hill mostly focuses on the qualities like determination and consistency of purpose. These qualities according to him, have  a power to transform a person into an extra ordinary living being capable of achieving almost everything.

'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' - Book Review

'The Monk who sold his Ferrari' is a fable about fulfilling your dreams and reaching your destiny. It is one of the most sold out books in the world today, and has been widely appreciated for being so simple yet promising. Author Robin S Sharma, a Canadian Lawyer and a Leadership Expert has done a superb job writing this book. The story is about Julian Mantle, a litigation lawyer who despite of being immensely rich fails to live a happy and peaceful life. He suffers a heart attack due to his unbalanced and chaotic lifestyle. He suffers from anxiety and amid critical spiritual and mental crisis, travels to the Himalayas in search of inner peace. He stays there to learn lessons for healthy and purposeful life. He then returns back to his country and shares the precious values and secrets of living a peaceful, yet rewarding materialistic life. 11 chapters are nicely planned and the approach is very neat and practical.

'The Wolf Of Wall Street'- A Review

'The Wolf Of the Wall Street' is an American film based on Jordan Belfort's memoire of the same name. The protagonist, Jordan Belfort is a Long Island Penny stockbroker, who makes 49 million dollars in Stock Market by fooling investors in 1990s securities scam. Sex, drugs, parties, film has all the ingredients that make a cinema worth watching. The movie portrays Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of Jordan Belfort, who when consumed by greed amasses massive wealth, and then loses it all insanely. The company that Belfort develops grows from 20 to 250 in a short span of time, and so does its revenue. The exponential growth and prosperity attracts lot of investment and the their trade blooms like anything. This leads to Forbes Magazine featuring Jordan Belfort on thier cover describing him as 'The Wolf of the Wall Street'. Belfort and the members of the company go wild and throw lavish parties blindly celebrating their success. Ultimately Belfort has to pay the price for his Greed. In 2007, Leonardo DiCaprio is said to have won a bidding war against Brad Pitt for the rights to Jordan Belfort's memoir The Wolf of Wall Street. Directed by Martin Scorsese and screenplay by
Terence Winter, this movie is a great entertainer, and gives a glimpse of Leonardo DiCaprio's role in Steven Spielberg's 2002 biographical crime drama film: "Catch me if you can!"

'Carrie(2013)'- A Review

Carrie, an American horror film is a third film adaptation of Stephen King's 1974 novel of the same name. The protagonist, 'Carrie White' is played by Chloe Grace Moretz who portrays a shy teenager ridiculed by her peers. Carrie is bred by her deeply religious mother who sees sins everywhere and believes in the dogma of brutal punishment to cleanse oneself from the sin. An under confident Carrie grows and faces problems as she graduates. The story revolves around Carry and her struggle in school. When Carrie is troubled by some of her peers, she inflicts telekinetic terror in her city. Kimberly Pierce has done an awesome job at Direction. Screenplay by Lawrence D. Cohen and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is marvellous.
                             The film resembles a magic tale when Carrie learns that she has an ability to influence things around her. All in all, Carrie is a wonderful film and Chloe Grace Maoretz has done an awesome job impersonating Carrie. This is the only Carrie film in the franchise in which Carrie's character is played by a teenager. Chloe was 15 when she worked on the film.